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Hiring niche talent is often a major blocker for success. It's also a huge investment as well as a time consuming project. Our solutions can often represent a significant saving on time, resource and money.

As a Talent Growth Partner, we design and deliver talent strategies, supporting everything from employer brand through to hiring and onboarding to help

early stage and high growth businesses scale.

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Key Drivers We Can Help With.

We offer a range of talent solutions that are specifically designed to help early-stage and high-growth cleantech businesses overcome pain points and reach their hiring goals.

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Looking to scale rapidly

Zero Global Talent solutions - hire niche roles icon

Hiring for niche roles

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Expanding into new territories

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Struggling to hire for diversity

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Need to speed up hiring


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Current hiring processes aren’t working

How We Can Help.

Our purpose is to help you achieve your purpose.

Areas we can add value to help you scale:

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Employer Brand.

The war on talent is real. Through market research and competitor analysis, we’ll help improve your EVP to stay ahead of your competition and attract world-class talent.

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Talent Strategy.

We’ll run a Talent Audit with you, to explore your current processes from EVP to onboarding, identifying opportunities to improve your candidate journey and hiring results.

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Utilising modern tools, we take a data-driven approach to solving complex hiring problems. From competitor research to market mapping and salary benchmarking, we are led by the data

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Carbon Neutral Hiring.

Walking the walk. We’ll work with you to help design and offset your environmental footprint of new hires, creating a carbon-neutral hiring process.

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Subject Matter Experts.

Our shared values, obsession to create positive change & passion for cleantech make immersing ourselves in the sector easy. We invest heavily in L&D to upskill our teams so rest assured you are in safe hands with talent partners that know your market.

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Talents Events.

Ensuring your presence in the market is crucial to a successful talent strategy. From online webinars to events and assessment days, our team have the experience to bring to life your strategy.

Zero Global - Talent Solutions

Plugging the gap between agency and in-house.

It’s time for a shake up, and for the recruitment industry to be challenged to deliver better results.

As a Talent Growth Partner, we plug the gap between agency and In-house.

Our shared values and purpose, offer a true partnership approach allowing us to become a valuable extension to your business, building sustainable talent processes for scale, without the permanent overhead or complex lengthy agreements seen with inhouse and RPO.

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​​Our Products.​​

Zero Global - Talent Solutions - Search


A robust process that is driven by data. Find, hire & inspire game changers, with the reassurance of a 12 month replacement period.

Quality Over Quantity

Zero Global - Talent Solutions - Agile rpo


An agile growth partnership. We’ll build a dedicated team, and sustainable processes & deliver your hiring needs, significantly saving on time, resources and money. 

Growth Partnership

Zero Global - Talent Solutions - Contract


Contract & Statement of Work solutions to deliver key projects and accelerate growth. Sourcing, systems & payroll services giving you instant access to talent.

Instant Talent

Zero Global - Talent Solutions - Talent Partner


Complete talent solution for high-growth companies. Embed an experienced Zero Talent Partner with the skills, tools, and expertise needed to achieve your hiring goals.

Complete Solution