Can London become a new hub for clean tech?

Posted on 13 February 2023

​London has been investing heavily to make a difference when it comes to sustainable living and its carbon emissions. The city has over 10,000 electric vehicle charging points (30% of the UK market share) and has been investing in green buildings and transport.

The public consciousness has shifted, and there continues to be a demand for greener, more sustainability throughout the city. Other initiatives, like the expansion of the ultra-low emissions zone, to help reduce roadside CO2.

But it is not just the green infrastructure built in London that is boosting their clean credentials. In 2021 there was a significant investment in clean tech which resulted in 32 deals and £1 billion in funding. These investments pathed the way for government-backed organisations like the Clean Growth Fund and the Greater London Investment Fund.

The industry has seen significant growth over the last year. More clean start-ups are launching in London. The changes in legislation and the need to compete within the global market have seen clean tech drive forward.

Areas of clean tech growth in London include renewable energy, e-mobility and the carbon market. Companies focused on decarbonising platforms have also significantly increased in the city.

This is due to an increased number of businesses looking to improve their green credentials. With more enterprises voluntarily looking at what they can do to be greener, it enables the clean tech movement to grow within the city. With already over 12,000 businesses in London as part of the low-carbon sector, it is estimated that around 20% of all UK carbon goods and services will come from London.

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