Zero Global & AVF Partner together to grow the vertical farming industry

Posted on 19 December 2022

Many of us would have seen the recent confirmation of the world's population exceeding 8 billion. This increase has significant consequences for the people responsible for processing our food.

To meet the ever-growing population needs, food production will need to increase by 56% to meet demand alone! The added difficulties of climate change create more volatile weather than ever before, simultaneously flooding or scorching our farmer's fields. Despite this, 80% of farms globally are still family-run units. The responsibility of such a task lies with only a few. 

Fortunately, we have the technology available to remedy a solution. 

Vertical Farming is a concept that can provide food regardless of climate and location. Vertical Farming technologies can be used to access safe, fresh and substantial food as we learn to navigate this ever-changing world.

The Association for Vertical Farming is the leading global non-profit organisation that raises awareness and connects critical stakeholders to advance the implementation of vertical Farming. 

Zero Global was launched to make a difference. We are an agile talent provider that works exclusively within the clean tech sector globally. Our primary focus is to work with purpose-led businesses working to improve our tomorrow. Within the Agtech sector, Zero Global supports our partners within the entire project life cycle, from farm to fork. 

Zero Global and The Association for Vertical Farming have partnered together to spearhead a change. The AVF connects stakeholders and investors to work on exciting, pioneering concepts to improve our future. Zero Global work with the AVF and their members to ensure we can make their idea a reality. 

As David Attenborough so eloquently put it; "If working apart we are a force powerful to destabilise our planet, surely working together we are powerful enough to save it."

If you are looking to grow your team in the vertical farming sector, get in touch with us today.

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