​Climate Tech Vs Clean Tech, what is the difference (and does it matter?)

Posted on 06 December 2022

Over the past year, the climate crisis has been felt worldwide. Devastating floods in Pakistan, the highest summer heat on record, more wildfires in the UK, and worldwide droughts have been headline news across the last 12 months.

There has also been more news about Clean Tech and Climate Tech businesses taking on the challenge of the climate crisis. However, it can be difficult to know where the differences lie with climate and Clean Tech being used almost interchangeably.

The same purpose 

Both Clean Tech and Climate Tech have the same purpose. They are both centred around the environment. Clean Tech and Climate Tech look to address environmental impact and overcome the challenges of climate change both now and in the future.

While these tech companies are looking after the planet, the two have some differences. 

Climate Tech

Climate Tech houses all technologies focused on combatting climate change by mitigating global greenhouse gas emissions. This makes Climate Tech much more niche when it comes to environmentally focused technology. Greenhouse gas emissions are one part of the more significant issues when it comes to environmental technology.

Clean Tech

Clean Tech covers much broader areas of environmental tech. It can include some aspects that Climate Tech covers, but it also provides tech essential to the environment, such as clean water, waste reduction and food poverty. Clean Tech is sometimes referred to as green tech and eco-technology.


There are some verticals that can sit across both Clean Tech and Climate Tech because they have applications that could be for Clean Tech or Climate Tech.

For example, Argi-tech primarily is vertical to develop agricultural methods which are less harmful to the environment by reducing greenhouse gasses would put Agri tech as a Climate Tech vertical, however significant developments in agri-tech cover more broad innovations such as animal welfare management, which could be argued sits under Clean Tech. 

Wherever a business might sit, both Clean Tech and Climate Tech businesses are active in the fight to save the planet, and at zero, we are here to support the growth of Clean Tech and Climate Tech businesses so they can fulfil their purpose.

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