​Biggest green hydrogen plant commissioned by Siemens

Posted on 24 October 2022

Siemens has announced the plan to build one of Germany's most prominent green hydrogen plants, which is set to produce 1350 tonnes of Hydrogen annually. 

The intention is for the plant to support the region's industrial and commercial enterprises as well as road transport. 

The Siemens plant will use wind and solar power at Wunsiedel Energy Park in Upper Franconia. The Hydrogen will be produced using an 8.75-megawatt electrolyzer.

The announcement from Siemens comes at the time when the European Commission president expressed his support for Hydrogen, stating it can be a "game changer for Europe". The emphasis is on how the hydrogen economy needs to move from niche markets to scale.

The European Commission have a target for the EU to produce ten million tons of renewable Hydrogen by 2030. The Siemens announcement continues to push the hydrogen market in Europe, which will contribute to this mission. 

The European Commission, at the same time, announced the European Hydrogen Bank. The bank is designed to help support the future market for Hydrogen with an investment of 3 billion euros.

The investment of the Hydrogen Bank adds to the current investment already being made in Hydrogen. Shell has already announced a Holland Hydrogen I facility to be operational in 2025. the 200-megawatt electrolyzer will be located in the Port of Rotterdam, Europe's largest seaport, generating as much as 60,000 kilograms of renewable Hydrogen every day.

Shell is not the only large supplier to be making a significant investment. BP has agreed to take a 40.5% equity stake in the Asian Renewable Energy Hub. The project envisaged to develop of up to 26 gigawatts of combined solar and wind generating capacity.

Green Hydrogen plants continue to rise in priority in Europe and worldwide to create a more sustainable energy source. 

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