3 ways to hire better talent

Posted on 26 October 2022

It is no secret that there is a talent shortage across the board. Across all industries, available roles are still around double that of available candidates. And it does ease up when you zoom in on tech.

The UK digital Economy Council revealed that open tech roles now make up 14% of all open jobs available in the UK – approximately 870,000 available tech roles. This trend does not intend to slow either. The Chartered Institute of Managers reported that 40% of businesses continue to increase hiring over the next six months, while a third are looking to hire at their current rate.

With so much opportunity for those actively looking, tech businesses need to consider a new approach to getting the right talent into the fold so their business can grow

But it is not just the large tech companies looking for the top talent. There are now almost 5 million people working within UK tech start-ups and scale-up businesses, an increase of a third since 2019.

As the demand for tech skills increases, here are three ways to help you secure the best talent to continue growing.

1. Understand the talent market 

It may sound obvious but knowing what competitors and the market currently looks like makes it easier for you to position your company when attracting the best talent.

That isn’t to say that you need to offer the highest salary. Two-thirds of tech employees would consider changing jobs if remote working was no longer an option, and 54% of tech professionals under age 34 care about the work-life balance a business will offer.

The tech industry already supports the highest level of flexible working, 20% higher than the UK average. Understanding the holistic offer and the average salaries allows you to understand the correlation between salary offers and what skills you need to bring in, helps set expectations more clearly and go after the talent you need.

2. Show your purpose 

More than ever, how a business contributes positively to the world matters. It’s not just good for business and the planet; it is increasingly becoming an essential factor when candidates are looking for a new role.

83% of millennial workers said their loyalty to a company increases if the business contributes to social and environmental issues. This sense of purpose is only set to become a higher priority as time progresses. Gen-Z will make up 30% of the workforce over the next four years and is the first generation to prioritise purpose over salary.

Candidates want to align their values with the work and have no trouble moving companies that do not demonstrate their purpose or are willing to hide or spin negative impacts.

Your core values and purpose allow you to attract the talent that shares your vision and, as a result, is likely to fit your culture more quickly too.

3. Work with people who understand 

Creating a competitive offer and demonstrating your business purpose to look attractive to potential candidates is a challenge in the current market. The added challenge of finding candidates is at an all-new high. It is taking longer for internal recruitment to find the right talent than ever.

Adding jobs to job boards or sending a post on your LinkedIn company profile is unlikely to cut through to the real talent you need for your business.

Working with special talent partners can help your business not only present your offer in a way to attract candidates to you but have the network, know-how and resources to find the type of candidates you want to apply.

By working with a dedicated talent partner, they can understand your need, taking the work out of reading through CVs and bringing you more genuinely engaged prospects who have already been pre-screened to ensure their compatibility with the business and the role.

If you want to recruit the best talent, get in touch to find out how Zero Global can help you achieve your purpose.

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