Why Zero

Posted on 06 July 2022

Why Zero?

The easiest way to answer this question is that it isn’t about Zero.

It's about playing our part in providing a better future for everyone. A cleaner planet which fundamentally is operationally sustainable.

What does that mean?

What we mean by this is a planet with a clean, sustainable energy source that isn’t reliant on fossil fuels and pumping carbon into the atmosphere with substantial infrastructures in place that can effectively store energy when not required. A planet with rainforests restored and wildlife flourishing. A planet with carbon-free transportation services, links and with affordable, accessible electric vehicles for personal use.

A planet where our materials are properly utilized and once they have served their current purpose, they are recycled and repurposed effectively, removing the need to create new and eradicate waste. A restored and balanced planet paving the way for further growth and technological advances.

Finally, we want to help visionaries create a brighter future for further generations to come and ensure their stable future. It is no longer a case of cutting carbon emissions, we need to eradicate them.

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