Stability lies within fusion

Posted on 08 July 2022

Fusion Energy is recognised as a vitally important potential energy source to ensure our future stability.

So what is Fusion?

Nuclear fusion is the process the sun uses to create energy, whereby lighter atoms (e.g. Hydrogen) are heated and pressurised to fuse together to release energy. This is the opposite of traditional nuclear fission, which harnesses energy from splitting heavier atoms (e.g. Uranium).

Fusion energy has the potential to provide ‘unlimited’ power without being reliant on burning carbon, making it the most exciting prospect for a long-term, sustainable energy supply.

With billions already invested globally and a potential market valuation of £40 trillion once achieved, the race is on.

Where do we go from here?

Major engineering and tech countries across the globe are currently utilising their brightest minds to help make the vision a reality. Hence why we established Zero Global as a talent partner that can operate globally. We recognize that flexibility is required and the latest technology and talent attraction tools need to be implemented to ensure you fulfil your purpose.

Great and bright minds are rarely restricted by geographical constraints, however getting your mission and growth plans across to the right audience can often be. We leave the rule-breaking, technology advancements to you, so you leave the team building and talent growth to us.

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